About Tasso Publishing

Tasso Publishing is a small publishing company, which focuses on interesting and instructive books that shed light on reincarnation, regression an reincarnation therapy. The books Tasso Publishing offers are written by specialists in this field, adding to the doctrine of reincarnation and how (future) therapists regression and reincarnation therapy can apply. But also laymen, who are interested in reincarnation, regression and reincarnation therapy, and everything related to it, can find at Tasso Publishing proper books of their liking that provide answers to any questions they might have about it. Tasso Publishing started in 1996 with publishing Het Roosvenster of Hans ten Dam. Meanwhile several Dutch, Englisch and German books have been published.

About Hans TenDam

Hans W. TenDam is the founder of Tasso Publishing. He graduated from the University of Amsterdam in psychology and pedagogy. He is an independent management consultant since 1970, with international experience, working in strategy development and organizational renewal.

Hans discovered regression and past-life material and became one of the pioneers in this field. He initiated the 'Dutch school' of regression therapy, the Tasso Instituut. With more than 25 years of experience as therapist and teacher, he is currently directing Tasso's 3-year training program in regression and past-life therapy in the Netherlands. He gives lectures, workshops and readings all over the world. For more information: http://www.tassointernational.com/


Initiation in everyday life

Hans TenDam - Initiation in Everyday Life

Thoughts about spirituality and common sense

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This book represents a down-to-earth, common sense view on spirituality. And a spiritual view on common experiences and problems. What about initiation? It is like greatness: people can be born that way, have become that way or have it thrust upon them.
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Hans TenDam  Deep Healing and Transformation

A Manual of Transpersonal Regression Therapy

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Hans TenDam studied psychology and pedagogy at the University of Amsterdam. He was for 40 years an international management consultant in a.o. conflict resolution and strategic management. He discovered regression therapy by accident and has been teaching and training other people in it since 1983, originally in the Netherlands, later in European countries from Finland to Portugal, and further in Brazil, the USA, Turkey, India and Japan. Continue reading...